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Milling bits for cold milling machines

Up to 30% off Pallet Pricing on Milling Bits

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Watch how individual premium milling bits undergo a heat treatment process to guarantee wear and fracture resistance of the cutter body.

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Order today and take delivery in time for the milling season.

When the road milling machines are working, high quality milling bits are critical to success. Ensure you pre-order your bits today to guarantee a successful paving season in 2022.

Select from a range of application-specific milling bits that offer unparalled performance, and high wear and impact resistance for road milling of asphalt or concrete. Learn more about the milling bits features below.

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Premium Milling Bit Features

  • The tungsten-cobalt alloy ensures the wear resistance and fracture resistance of the cutting bit.
  • Excellent flow soldering process to ensures weld strength.
  • Patented design of the body improves the efficiency of retraction.
  • Patented design ensures smooth rotation.
  • Heat treatment process to guarantees the wear resistance and fracture resistance of the cutter body.
  • Gasket design ensures the long life of toolholder.
  • Thickening of the sleeve, ensures moderate tension and clamping force.
  • Easy installation and removal.
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