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Save up to 20% on B&D Mechanical and Safety Equipment
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Supporting large mining haul trucks and heavy shovels at surface operations, save 10% on B&D Mechanical Safety products, including Multi-Handlers, Super Jacks, Stairs & Platforms, Oil Drip Carts, Heavy Duty Stands, and Body Blocks.

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  • Cannot be combined with any other offer
  • Sales secured by the end of 2021 can be delivered by end of Q1 2022
  • Sales / PO’s processed after December 31st, 2021 do not qualify for the discount
  • Program Starts October 1st, 2021 and Ends December 31st, 2021.
  • Offer applies in all Regions

Multi-Handler & Attachments
Increase safety, turnaround time and availability to your trucks using existing shop floor space.

The Multi Handler is computer controlled, wireless radio remote operated and available in diesel, DC battery, or AC powered models.

It is equipped with a safe work platform with handrails and its heavy-duty frame is certified to hold 50 tons (45 MT). 

Evolution Super Jack
The engineered B&D Evolution Super Jack can lift & secure the world's largest mining haul trucks, providing excellent stability when removing and re-installing tires and wheel groups.

Features include a 240 ton to 400 ton lifting capacity and wireless remote operation. A two-point lifting system and the remote control keep your workers away from the lifting areas, and greatly reduces the risk of injury.

Stairs & Platforms
Aluminum stairs and step platforms are engineered to decrease your set-up times and increase production by minimizing the use of traditional fall protection equipment. Designed to exceed industry standards in strength, safety, stability and product durability, these light-duty steps are built to last in any industrial application.

Body Block

Newly Designed Body Blocks. Available in three heights 8", 12" and 16".

New swivel top has 10 degrees of swivel to allow for easy block placement on the frame. 

  • Engineer certified
  • Safely support the dump body by placing a Body Block between the frame and body during maintenance
  • Must be used in pairs

Heavy Duty Stands
B&D heavy duty stands are engineered to ensure all aspects of worker safety is met. Lightweight HD aluminum construction resists abuse from oil, salt and the weather. Stands can be used on surface or underground equipment, in a fixed or adjustable height variation. Engineer certified and built tough to last.
  • Capacity ranges from 13.5 tons (12 MT) to 150 tons (136 MT) for fixed stands
  • Heights: 12" (305 mm) to 96" (2429 mm)
  • Serialized & Stamped with load capacity

Oil Drip Carts
Eliminate spillage using these low-profile aluminum oil carts. With heavy duty handles, 4 oil-resistant swivel casters, these oil carts are very easy to maneuver and will fit under any size of equipment. Removable bar grating top that also serves as a work platform.

Engineer certified for 300 lbs (136 kg). 
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