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The Komatsu 895 has a brand new engine installation conforming to the latest emission legislation (Tier 4 Final). It also offers many other advantages, such as an all new AdBlue system, a new exhaust system and hydraulic tappets. Despite the new larger engine installation, Komatsu has managed to keep the same slim design with good all round visibility and views of the machine – right down to the wheels.

Komatsu Mini Steering Wheel means more space in the cab and a more comfortable driving experience. SpeedShift (option) enables you to drive the machine at any speed between 0 and about 23 km / h without stopping to change gears – increasing productivity and saving fuel.

The new Komatsu 895 has a large bunk. FlexBunk, with its height adjustable stakes and ability to widen the bunk, provides a high load capacity. FlexGate, the flexible gate option, improves visibility and flexes out of the way if struck by the crane. This simplifies loading and minimizes the risk of damage.

The hydrostatic transmission system and the diesel engine’s performance are optimized to jointly provide maximum traction and maneuverability. A starting tractive force of 262 kN provides high torque at low engine speeds and traction is automatically adapted to changes in engine load due to terrain, obstacles, inclines and crane loads. 

Wide, spacious cab with great headroom. There is plenty of legroom, large storage compartments and noise levels have never been quieter. Large glass surfaces mean good visibility upwards, downwards and to the sides, making crane operation easier and more relaxed. The ergonomically designed driver’s seat offers exceptional comfort, enabling all-day productivity.

Servicing and maintenance are quickly and easily conducted. All daily servicing can be performed from ground level via easily accessible service hatches and the dipsticks are quickly and easily checked. Servicing is better facilitated by the electrically powered and strategically located filters.

The machine is ready for installation of MaxiFleet, the world’s first fleet management system for forestry machines. A unique tool that enables searches, compilations and presentations for all the machine and production data that your machine generates, with the powerful MaxiXT as the information source.