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The two-piece radiator guard doors allow easy access to the standard wide core radiator for cleaning. Computer controlled forward and reverse fan intervals allow the operator to concentrate on productivity while keeping the radiator clean.

The 2 hood mounted lights are relocated to the top of the cylinders along with 2additional lights to improve visibility over the trash rack. The cab is prewired for installation of a beacon light.

The optional cab air filtration system provides pre-cleaned, filtered air to the HVAC system. The cab is pressurized to minimize odors and dust.

Additional sealing is added to the engine doors and chassis components to reduce the amount of debris entering the engine compartment.

Strategically placed on the side, bottom and front of the main frame, deflector bars and bolt guards help redirect debris away from components.

A protective screen is added to the standard centrifugal engine air pre-cleaner to remove large particles from the engine air before they reach the filter elements.

The thermal guard covers the exhaust manifold, KDPF, and hot side of the turbocharger, reducing the potential for combustible debris to come in contact with hot surfaces.

Seal guards around the final drive form a stepped labyrinth to provide 360° of protection to help prevent debris from entering oil seal areas and extend component life. The front idler seals are also protected by additional guarding.

Angled front striker bars are designed to prevent debris from riding up on the track sand damaging the chassis. The bolt-on design allows for easy servicing.

The 4115 kg (9,072 lb) counterweight optimizes machine balance for landfill applications and has bolt-on rear striker bars. Removable plates allow adjustments to meet special applications. Rear striker bars are also available for machines equipped with rippers.


The electric winch located on the left side of the mainframe powers the hinged, smooth bottom under-guard which provides easy access to the engine compartment for cleaning accumulated trash.

The hydraulic oil cooler is relocated to the rear to increase cooling efficiency. It features the Mesabi flexible core heat exchanger for easier cleaning and maintenance.

9 mm (0.35") thick guarding protects the sides and rear of the fuel and hydraulic tank group from damage and debris.

Optional trapezoid shaped track shoe holes allow debris to be pushed through and reduce track compacting.

The see-through vertical bars of the trash rack were designed to ensure good operator visibility. The trash rack and blade are both painted black to reduce glare.

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