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The world's best forestry fleet management system, tailored for you.

MaxiFleet is a unique, web-based Fleet Management system for forest machines. By merging advanced web and mobile technology with five decades of forestry expertise, MaxiFleet is truly the next step in production effectiveness.

MaxiFleet makes it possible to monitor production and machine information, see each machine's status, localize all machines, coordinate / optimize the machines, and conduct proactive service measures.

Better yet, MaxiFleet allows you to plan your assignments for the most efficient resource use, and submit instruction files and maps for both harvesters and forwarders when it's time to start harvesting.

Komatsu MaxiFleet Fleet Management is included during standard warranty and with SMS Extended Warranty purchase.

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Features & Benefits

Monitor Your Fleet 24//7
Full Control Over All Your Forestry Machines

Monitor Your Fleet 24//7

With MaxiFleet, you can always see where your forest machines are located. This constant overview and monitoring enables you to rapidly plan and optimize capacity and resources, as well as to effectively minimize the risks of undesirable use and theft. The ability to monitor your fleet 24/7 also provides peace of mind and improved personal security for your machine operators.

Total Information Control

With MaxiFleet, you can retrieve all kinds of data and information about your forest machines in real-time over the Internet - at any time, and from anywhere. You always have access to summaries of important key figures, calculated using rolling three-month periods. This makes it easy to keep track of your machine fleet and detect whether any machine deviates from the others. The system provides effective tools for analyzing and comparing detailed information about different machines, models, harvesting heads, etc. With the aid of this information, you can create the optimal "team" of machine resources for every single job.

Real-Time Machine Data
Avoid costly downtime

Real-Time Machine Data

MaxiFleet provides a constant overview and anytime access - in real-time - to all types of machine data generated by the forest machines' control and information system, MaxiXT. Warnings and alarms - received by cell phone, over the Internet, or email - enable you to implement preventative service and avoid major repairs and costly downtime. You have full access to all information and historical data from the time the machine is connected to the MaxiFleet system.

This way to visualize all fact-based machine information rapidly provides you with a clear answer as to whether all machines are being used optimally.

Web-Based Access

Since the MaxiFleet system is web-based, it's always updated and available with an internet-connected computer, tablet, or smartphone. The user interface adapts automatically depending on the device you're using. Fill in your username and password, and you are able to access all the MaxiFleet power.

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Meet MaxiXT: Your Key to All MaxiFleet Benefits
Systematic Advantages

Meet MaxiXT: Your Key to All MaxiFleet Benefits

Komatsu Forest's control and information system, MaxiXT, is the key to all the benefits of MaxiFleet. You can retrieve and process any information you like from MaxiXT's extensive data with the press of a few buttons. 

All data is colour-coded for easy detection and comparison and can be exported to a file in PDF or XML format. Data points include your machines' Key Performance Index, machine ID, location, machine hours, KPI's for productivity, availability, fuel consumption, alarms, warnings, repairs, etc.

The powerful report function makes selecting and analyzing all the aspects of the machines' work a breeze. You can even filter and select the data you want - including start and stop date - and create a variety of different reports. You can also access all the original production files - just choose the date range and download the files. All this power comes with the ability to create access levels for different users and roles. This way, MaxiFleet can be used throughout your entire organization, from the operator and the technician all the way to a corporate, more comprehensive level.